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    You may need to lay sod, prepare the soil area, or just level a yard to ensure there is a proper slope and grade for your landscape. Whatever your need for yard leveling, Prime Landscaping Solutions can provide prompt and efficient Yard Leveling and landscaping preparation services. From moving soil to the right location, spreading it, and grading it to getting topsoil, we can take care of all aspects of your project. Our professional leveling and grading services can lay the perfect foundation for your job.

    Benefits Of Yard Leveling and Landscaping Preparation

    Whether it is for your home’s yard or commercial space, you cannot just get started with planting and maintenance of the shrubs and flowering plants. Leveling the space is an important part of the process. This is where our Yard leveling Sydney services come into the picture. As a Yard Leveling and landscaping preparation contractor, we can help improve the following:

    • Look of the space
    • Drainage of water in the planted areas
    • Gradient of the space
    • Prevention of erosion

    Yard Leveling, Grading & Soil Moving Services

    When it comes to leveling your yard, you can rely on our experience and expertise. Our yard leveling service covers different aspects including:

    • Grading
    • Sloping
    • Leveling

    We usually come across clients who have no ideas about the slope or grading of their yard. Many homeowners and commercial clients simply overlook the importance of proper grading and how it can impact the ‘wellbeing’ of their landscape. Yard leveling has a much more important role in the health of your lawn than you realise.

    best Yard Leveling & Landscaping Preparation SydneyAffordable Yard Leveling & Landscaping Preparation SydneyProfessional Yard Leveling & Landscaping Preparation Sydney

    What is Grading?

    Grading is the slope of your yard. We perform grading in order to direct water away from your building and to prevent the pooling of excessive amounts of water. There is more to our Yard leveling Sydney service. We also perform it to level or sculpt areas prior to the installation of:

    • Plants
    • Shrubs
    • Hardscapes

    If you need to install new hardscapes such as patios, driveways, or walkways, you may need professional Yard Leveling and landscaping preparation services. We are always ready to assist our clients in understanding the importance of proper grading in their yard in improving the health of the lawn and in ensuring the landscape works as it is meant to. Thus, leveling has an impact on the longevity of the projects that you may install on your yard or landscape.

    Our Landscaping Preparation Services

    Site preparation is an important part of our Yard Leveling and landscaping preparation service. Our experienced and licensed professionals will take care of all the processes needed to prepare the ground for your landscaping project. It may require the following processes:

    • Soil grading
    • Contouring
    • Mound construction
    • Excavation
    • New plant soil

    The type and scale of the landscaping project help us determine the types of preparation processes. Besides, this will also affect the types of equipment our team will use.

    Full Range of Soft & Hard Landscaping Sydney Services

    We cover both aspects of landscaping services:

    Landscape Design

    Every landscaping project begins with a design concept. Our designers will visit your home or commercial place and will take you through the initial consultation to learn about your expectations, ideas, and vision. We will inspect the site and take measurements before developing a landscape design.

    Landscape Construction

    Once the design process is complete, our team of landscapers will work closely with you and our designers to transform your outdoor space. Our landscape construction services can include all aspects of Sydney hard Landscaping and soft landscaping. This can include paving, retaining walls installation, yard levelling, turf laying, planting, irrigation, and full garden transformations.

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    Our Services

    As a landscaping Contractor in sydney, our full range of services cover the following areas:

    Cheap, affordable Landscaping Services in Sydney

    Landscaping Services

    We provide end-to-end landscaping solutions. This covers everything including:

    • Landscape designing
    • Material sourcing
    • Landscape installation/implementation
    • Construction/planting
    • Maintenance

    We bring over 10 years of experience in the field of excavation, Hard Landscaping Sydney, and soft landscaping in both residential and commercial spaces. Our services are focused on both enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space and your property’s value. All our landscaping projects involve the use of high-quality products and resources from well-known suppliers.


    A landscape is incomplete without matching, practical hardscaping features. Paved surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, and walkways are integral to your outdoor living space and we have specialized pavers who can transform your space with our skills and the right Sydney hard Landscaping features. Our paving solutions include, but are not limited to the following features:

    • Driveway paving
    • Pathways & walkways
    • Concrete driveways
    • Sidewalks
    • Garden paths

    We work with different types of pavers to provide customized solutions to our clients. Some of the common material options include sandstone, bluestone, porcelain, and travertine. Whatever the theme or style of your home or landscape, we can provide tailored paving solutions to match and complement it.

    Best, professional Paving services in Sydney
    Professional and affordable Planting Services Sydney

    Planting Services

    Plants, shrubs, and trees add life to any landscape and we can renovate your garden or create a new one from the ground up. We can extend your home’s elegance to your outdoors by creating an elegant garden. Our team can create a stunning garden that adds colours to the space and keeps improving over time. We can provide the following soft Landscaping Sydney solutions for your garden:

    • Feature plants
    • Plant design and layout
    • Topiary
    • Box hedging

    Our professional planting services optimize the lifespan of your garden. We also provide specialized tree planting services that add shade and value to your property. Among other benefits, trees mean reduced pollution, more screening, reduced noise, and enhanced oxygen production.

    Turf Laying

    The first step is the most important one in ensuring the beauty and longevity of your turf. Our turf laying services involve paying close attention to detail to each and every step in the process. Our turf experts will take various factors into account including the soil type, local climate and conditions, water sources, sunlight and shade, and foot traffic among others before starting the process. We specialize in laying all the popular types of grass including:

    • Palmetto Buffalo
    • Sir Walter Buffalo
    • CT2 Couch
    • Sapphire Buffalo
    • Kikuyu
    • Matilda Buffalo
    • Empire Zoysia

    Besides, the above-mentioned factors we will create your turf laying plan based on your budget and maintenance limitations or concerns. It is a much more extensive process than you may imagine, as it may require excavation and soil prepping before we get started.

    Best Turf Laying Sydney
    Affordable Gardening Services Sydney

    Gardening Services

    As a soft Landscaper in Sydney, we provide a full-range of gardening services. This includes everything from the initial concept to installation, restoration, and maintenance. You can expect the following key services in this area:

    • Restoring your overgrown garden
    • Plant selection & planting
    • Trimming & pruning
    • Clearing garden and landscape
    • Weeding
    • Brush cutting
    • Regular garden maintenance
    • Hedge trimming & pruning
    • Soil preparation
    • Mulch laying
    • Garden edging
    • Fertilizing

    Yard Leveling & Landscaping Preparation

    A soft or Hard Landscaping Sydney project often requires yard levelling or landscape preparation. Our yard levelling services can focus on improving the look of an area, gradient, and drainage. This can be an important step in preventing erosion and protecting your lawn, garden beds, or other landscape areas. Our landscape preparation services include various steps such as soil grading, contouring, excavation, mound construction, and new plant soil. Yard levelling and landscape preparation go a long way in improving the health of your landscape and enhancing its lifespan.

    Affordable Yard Leveling & Landscaping Preparation Sydney
    Affordable Irrigation systems Sydney

    Irrigation Systems

    Irrigation is an essential component in sustaining and improving the health and longevity of your lawn, garden beds, and landscape, in general. We design and install customized irrigation systems, based on your home, commercial space, or playing field’s unique watering requirements. No irrigation and Landscaping Sydney project is too big or too small for us. We specialize in providing rainwater system and sprinkler system solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We provide both soft and Hard Landscaping Sydney services to add definition, life, elegance, and functionality to your landscape. From hardscapes such as paved surfaces, driveways, pathways and retaining walls to softscapes, we can design and implement all types of features on your property. With us, there is more to landscaping than just elevating the beauty of your outdoor space. We can also create features that make your outdoor more liveable, relaxing, and rejuvenating space.

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    • Reliable services and long-lasting results
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    About Us

    At Prime Landscaping Solutions, we have the experience and expertise required to transform your Landscaping Sydney vision into reality. We have over 10 years of industry presence and our team has several decades of combined experience. There is no soft and Hard Landscaping Sydney project that we haven’t handled. Our team comprises landscape designers, architects, gardeners, tree experts, and installers who are passionate about what we do. We take great pride in every service that we offer. If you are looking for the right Landscaper near me, feel free to get in touch with us.

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    best Landscaper in sydney

    Absolutely delighted with the work Prime landscaping's team have delivered. We had a mixture of landscaping and paving, so pleased with how it has all worked out.

    Josh, Mosman NSW

    Thank you for the excellent job which you and your colleagues did for us. It is not often that my wife is completely happy with work carried out for us but with yours she was. Thank you and well done.

    Damiane, Acacia Gardens NSW

    Great service. The team arrived on time and provided me with a beautiful new decking area on my patio. We would recommend Prime Landscaping to anyone who needs landscaping services.

    Jimmy, Lane Cove NSW

    The team that carried out the gardening work cannot be faulted, very hard working, answered any queries and cleaned the garden when they finish the work. Thank you.

    Andrew, Baulkham Hills NSW

    At Prime Landscaping Solutions, we have over 10 years of experience in Yard leveling Sydney, Landscaping preparation Sydney, and various other landscaping projects. We can offer a FREE site visit before providing you with a no-obligation quote. All our prices are offered upfront. Over the years, we have built a reputation in this market and we always strive to maintain it. If you are looking for the best land leveling contactor near me, you are at the right place. Give us a call at 0414 455 990 to discuss your project requirements, ideas, and vision.

    Key Steps in Yard Leveling and Landscaping Preparation

    Before you install a beautiful new lawn with fresh grass or a garden bed, it will be required to ensure the ground is levelled. Proper leveling goes a long way in making it easier for the new grass and plants to have their roots penetrate the ground deeply and evenly. Additional benefits include:

    • The lawn will become denser
    • The lawn will become drought resistant
    • Nutrients and water will be used more efficiently
    • A denser lawn fights off the growth of weeds
    • Such a lawn will also have greater resistance to insects and disease

    The key steps involved in our Yard leveling Sydney service are as follows:

    • Reducing Compacted Soil: We will assess the condition of the soil to check for compacted dirt that can prevent the roots and water from penetrating.
    • Adding or Removing Organic Matter: We will remove any organic matter or growth on the top of the soil. If you have poor soil, we may add organic matter such as compost, peat, rotted manure, or high-quality topsoil. This organic matter will help in the growth of your grass or garden.
    • Smoothing the Surface: We will loosen the soil and spread it out for proper leveling. This is followed by smoothing soil to ensure there is consistency across the surface of your yard.
    • Irrigation or Waiting for Rain: Once we have levelled the ground, we will consider irrigating it or will wait for the rain, depending on the season.